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The Talking Greenkeeper

Jan 31, 2019

Jimmy Aguirre is a Golf Course Superintendent for the Essex County Parks department in northern New Jersey.  He manages the Hendrix Field Golf Course a public track that receives nearly 40,000 rounds a year.  

Jan 21, 2019

Albert Bancroft is the Golf Course Superintendent of the Camp Zama Golf course located near Tokyo, Japan.   In this episode we discuss what it's like to be an American born superintendent managing turf in Japan for over ten years.

Jan 15, 2019

Wally Gresham is an ex golf course superintendent who is now the Senior Sales Rep at Bulk Aggregate located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Wally loves his wife, dog and life!  If you live in the Georgia area and require some sand or any other type of aggregate, check out Wally's company website. 

Jan 11, 2019

Chris Tritabaugh, Golf Course Superintendent of Hazeltine National Golf Club, joins me to discuss numerous topics going down in the turfgrass industry today.